Call for Book Chapters: Intelligent Systems in the Workplace: Design, Applications, and User Experience


Professor Pierre-Majorique Léger is a researcher, inventor and entrepreneur. His research seeks to improve the user experience while learning or using technology. He does this by analyzing massive amounts of biophysiological data that are generated during human-IT interactions, which allow him to qualify emotion and cognitive responses in users.

Principal Collaborator

Professor Marc Fredette is a researcher in the Department of Decision Sciences since 2004. He holds a PhD in Statistics from the prestigious University of Waterloo, and is the Professor in charge of the Statistical Society of Canada at HEC Montréal.

His research interests focus on the prediction and modeling of longitudinal processes with applications in marketing, user experience and human-machine interactions.

Scholarships Available

In collaboration with its industry partners, this Chair offers numerous scholarships to students interested in UX in all its forms. For example, research projects in:

  • Evaluation of the user experience
  • Analysis and modeling of massive neurophysiological data

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